Inorganic Solid State Chemistry - Perenne Nil Nisi Solidum

Welcome to the website of Prof. Dr. Martin Köckerlings "inorganic solid state chemistry" goup at the University of Rostock.

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25. February 2020 - Newest Publication
A new crystal structure can be found in IUCrData.

11. January 2020 - Newest publication
A new publication can be read online at  Z. Naturforsch..

09. January 2020 - Newest publication
A new crystal structure can be found in IUCrData.

12. November 2019 - A new PhD
Mr. Jonas Jablonski successfully graduated. All the best for his future career.

crystals - Special Issue

Prof. Dr. Martin Köckerling will be the guest editor for an upcoming special issue of crystals with the topic " Synthesis and Characterization of Metal-Cluster Compounds-Promotion Materials".
Stay updated here and on the website of the journal.

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